the benefits of studying business administration

The benefits of studying Business Administration

Many more people are interested in studying business administration as a career in this field continues to involve working in many different aspects of a company. From conducting business research, human resources, to economics and finances, chances are you will carry out a range of tasks such as managing finances, analyzing data and market trends, […]

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the benefits of learning data science

The benefits of learning Data Science

Learning data science is for anyone passionate about working with data can set it as a goal to learn the fundamentals of data science. If you are interested in learning how to explore data, analyze data, and draw out meaningful and insightful findings from data; or in adding data science skills into your skills set […]

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Up to $28,000 for more Ontarians to learn new skills

Up to $28,000 for more Ontarians to learn new skills

The Ontario government has extended its Second Career program eligibility to help more than just unemployed and laid-off workers, but also to those who are self-employed, gig workers, youth, newcomers, and others who need a hand up. The program is currently only for those who have been laid off and have not been working or who have […]

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top seven jobs in Ontario post the pandemic

The top seven in-demand jobs post the pandemic in Ontario

While several sectors have suffered from job loss, others are on their hiring spree for more talent. Based on the research by the federal government on how COVID has affected the labor force in every province and territory, these are the top seven occupations along with their National Occupational Classification (NOC) code, which have become increasingly in-demand […]

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systems admin-cloud role

Understanding the role of a Systems Administrator

One of the hottest roles in information technology, systems administrators, are responsible for ensuring the organization’s computer systems are well maintained and operate reliably. Tasks typically performed by systems administrators include performing regular systems and security monitoring, network services, installing network hardware and software, configuring and troubleshooting, making needed upgrades and updates, maintaining computers, evaluating […]

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navigating a new career

Navigating a career change 

The COVID-19 pandemic has given people time to reflect on their careers and what they want out of life. The challenge of landing a job in certain industries has also resulted in us seeing a lot of people going after what they want and making career changes in the process. By some estimates, 1 in […]

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why you should study AI

Why you should study Artificial Intelligence

Today, we’re using different forms of artificial intelligence (AI) to power our daily tasks. Smartphones have AI that helps with routines, search, and taking photos. Vehicles also come equipped with a form of AI that assists with parking, collisions, and cruise control. Despite the fears about artificial intelligence taking over humankind, there is one takeaway […]

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more tech workers needed in canada

More tech jobs are now available in Canada

While the Canadian economy certainly took a hit during the pandemic, tech-related jobs have bounced back more quickly than in other industries. Financial Post reveals that according to a report published in December 2020, Canada is losing its tech talent, and Canadian companies are trying to attract new workers including those from abroad. The included positions in […]

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CCHS offers diploma in medical and health office administrator

Starting a career in healthcare

Job vacancies in healthcare and social assistance went up by 36,400, or 56.9 percent, during the last quarter of 2020, bringing vacancies to a “record high” of 100,300k, according to a recent story on Global News.  Hospitals led the charge with 15,700 vacancies, followed by nursing and residential care facilities which saw 10,800 vacancies at the […]

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