Pre-requisite Courses for Diploma in Business Administration | Certificate Programs

Perfect pathway for international students choosing to study in Canada. This certification equips you to excel in the Diploma in Business Administration program.

English as a Second Language | Certificate Programs

English as a second language program typically focuses on four areas – speaking, listening and comprehension, reading and writing – to give you a well-rounded understanding of the English language. 

Choose from: 

Certificate in ESL Program: Pre-requisite for Diploma in Business Administration 

ESL for Working Professionals

Community Services | Certificate Programs

Certificate in Early Childcare Assistant

Duration: 40 weeks

You will gain an appreciation for the historical development of child care and its impact on contemporary approaches to care and curriculum. The role of government and associations in Canadian child care and education are explained. The QUAD principles in child care are introduced. And you will develop strategies for being a successful student.

Healthcare | Certificate Programs

Certificate in Personal Support Worker

Duration: 42 weeks

This program will prepare you with the knowledge and skills to provide compassionate care when assisting individuals with broad-spectrum conditions and health care needs. You will be focusing on the full range of home and health-related services required by individuals with physical disabilities, cognitive impairments, and chronic and acute illnesses.

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