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Funding options that will make everything a lot sweeter.

At Canadian College for Higher Studies, we don’t want money to be a limitation to your career advancement. 

This is why, we have a few funding opportunities and options for you to consider, including grants and loans. Please note that Second Career, Foreign Credentials Loan and the Ontario Job Grant are provided by a 3rd party who has their own eligibility/qualification process. Let’s find out which financial assistance or student aid is best for you!

– Better Jobs Ontario formerly known as Second Career (available to residents of Ontario)

– Foreign Credentials Loan (available to residents of Ontario)

– Ontario Job Grant (available to residents of Ontario)

– Bursaries, Scholarships & Payment Plans may be an option also!

Your next step

As a Private Career College & Designated Learning Institution, we give you the best options to choose what's best for you and your future.

When you graduate, you should be ready for the position that you’re applying for.

For more than 12 years and with over 34 years of experience in the educational industry, we have been educating local and international students and currently offer many different post-graduate, advanced, general diploma programs, and certificates in Technology, Business, Healthcare, and Community Services.

Second Career criteria in Ontario

Our Mission

At CCHS, we believe that technology and business solutions should be customized to energize your career growth.

  • We are dedicated to delivering the best of breed solutions that will support your career needs and processes.
  • We will provide customized, scalable, and career-driven solutions to meet your progressing career needs.
  • We are committed to giving you lasting career satisfaction.

What We Offer:

  • Our teaching involves mostly hands-on training, which helps students obtain the required job skills.
  • Excellent opportunity for beginners and non-IT students, who want to step into a lucrative career in IT.
  • Many of our previous diploma students are working in high paying jobs.
  • Placement assistance for qualified graduates with good soft and hard skills.
  • We have the latest learning equipment and facilities.
  • Students have 24/7 remote access to facilities for most courses.
Second Career assessment

Advanced Teaching

Our trainers are consistently trained to stay proficient in the latest technologies and hold numerous diplomas and certifications from North America’s industry leaders.

Focus on Target

At CCHS, we provide dedicated and professional instruction to help each and every student achieve their educational goals.

Advanced Study Plans

Combine academic knowledge together with ample real-life practical experience that is team-oriented and solutions focused.

Meet Our Student Advisors

Lizi Joseph

Akhil Nair

With over 7 years of Canadian experience in the post-secondary environment, Lizi has been assisting students navigate enrollment registration and coursework challenges until graduation. 

She will counsel and advise you about the student financial aid eligibility options, costs, financial planning and more!

I have been involved in the field of student welfare and admissions for the past two decades. I have been fortunate enough to have handled many roles related to education, training and employment over time. 

Every applicant who approaches the institute that I work with, gets a complete, reliable and up to date detail of all the services that the institution can offer. 

It’s a sincere attempt from my side that the student gets the best that he or she deserves. The most important essence for all of us is kindness, care and compassion and that is what I try to provide to applicants when they ask for our help. 

The time is now to take action on your future!

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