data science and artificial intelligence program at CCHS

Advanced Diploma in Data Science &

Artificial Intelligence

With increasing volume of consumer data, data science with artificial intelligence (AI) has become one of the fastest-growing technologies in the world. Data scientists and statistical officers combine statistics, mathematics, programming, deep learning, data science machine learning algorithms, problem-solving along with the activities of cleansing, preparing, and aligning the data so that it would be useful for everyone including government, scientists, health organizations, marketing specialists, businessmen etc.

At the end of the program the graduate will have almost all the practical skills required for a real-time work environment as a junior data scientist. The graduate is just ready to write, modify, integrate, and test computer codes for data analytics, data science and data processing applications. They are employed in any part of industry that is partially or totally relevant to analytics such as finance, marketing, engineering, project management, supply chain, and healthcare systems, as well as information technology consulting firms, and in information technology units throughout the private and public sectors.

What to expect:

Mode of Delivery

Instructor-led classroom training, Online, Hybrid


37 weeks / 785 Hours


Local $15,936 / Intl $18,186 CAD





Admission Requirements

  • The student has an Ontario Secondary School Diploma or equivalent OR is 18 years of age or older on or before the program begins AND can pass a qualifying test (Wonderlic – 19) that has been approved by the Superintendent.
  • Background (education/experience) in Statistics/Physics /Mathematics/Data Analysis.

Program Curriculum:

  • CompTIA A+
  • Statistic for Data Analytics and Python
  • Python Programming
  • R for Data Scientist
  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • Introduction to ERP
  • Big Data and Hadoop Developer
  • Personal Development and Effective Communications

Job Market Potential

Median Income:

$83K+ per annum through salary or contract based on experience, organization, location and duties involved.

Previous Education/Skills Required:

Education or experience in Statistics, Science, Analytics or Mathematics or programming required. A degree is advantageous.

Possible Job Titles:

Data Analyst, Statistician, Data Scientist

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Fast Facts

Ontario’s labour market information can help you plan your career.

Job Outlook (2021-2025) DSAI

The time is now to take action on your future!

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