If you are currently visiting Canada:

Our online courses are designed for global learners like you! Study from anywhere in Canada, discover diverse subjects, and gain essential skills to shape your future.

Start with our online programs and pave the way to a recognized diploma. With the right skills and qualifications, set yourself up for a successful career in Canada!

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Don’t let your dream of staying in Canada fade away. Take the first step with our online courses. Your pathway to a diploma and a fulfilling career in Canada begins here.

If you want to visit Canada:

Ready to experience Canada’s beauty while securing your future? Our online courses offer the perfect gateway for you to visit and start building a successful career in this diverse and welcoming country!

Immerse yourself in Canada’s culture and landscapes while pursuing your education. Our online courses are designed for international adventurers like you.

Email us at [email protected] or fill out the form at the top of this page to learn more!

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Enroll in our online programs as your first step towards earning a recognized diploma. With the right qualifications, open doors to exciting work opportunities in Canada!

Don't just dream of Canada, experience it!
Enroll in our online courses and set yourself on the path to a diploma and an exciting career in this beautiful country.

A message from the President

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. When I started Canadian College for Higher Studies, I had many years of experience in the education industry as well as in the competitive workforce.

So I know first hand what my students need to succeed in Technology, Business, Healthcare, and Community Services. Our training combined with the student’s dedication, earned skill set, hard work and determination; they will be on the path to lifetime success.

Since 1990, we have paid close attention to the benefits our students gain from our curricula and the counselling that we provide as one of the private career colleges in Ontario. By tracking our students, we know that, of the hundreds of them who have been awarded a diploma, most of them have found good jobs in their chosen field. Our faculty believe that this extremely high rate of employability depends largely on our curricula, training and guidance.

That is to say that we have solid evidence that our research based curricula encompass the information and knowledge that our graduates need to be job ready today and tomorrow. I am excited for your future and to help you achieve your career goals!”

– Donatus D, President of Canadian College for Higher Studies

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