Advance your Career Globally with ESL

With a global marketplace at your finger-tips, the necessity to learn English as your second language is important to the advancement of your career.

Giving You the Confidence to
Expand Your Horizon.

  • English as a second language program typically focuses on four areas – speaking, listening and comprehension, reading and writing – to give you a well-rounded understanding of the English language. 
  • Classes are group-based, and you are encouraged to interact with each other through presentations, dialogue components, and language lab work. You will also have access to tutoring services and academic counseling to help you to transition into a college program after achieving your English proficiency.
  • You will be assessed before your program begins to determine your starting point in the program, as well as the duration. Assessment is normally based on an in-house English assessment test or through international tests such as TOEFL or IELTS.
  • Our classroom teaching allows you to speak face-to-face with your instructor and classmates; ask questions, and practice and improve your English daily. The courses will also provide you with additional resources beyond the required course material.

Be Globally Marketable.

Language skills are essential if you are working in the global marketplace. 
Employers who do business with Western countries will have higher expectations 
as their clientele's requirements desire top notch service and understanding.

Choose Your Program:

ESL for College Programs

Some college programs require the completion of an ESL Level II English for admittance.


ESL – Level I provide you with an interactive learning experience that provides opportunities to enhance your English skills in a wide variety of everyday communication situations. Our courses focus on comprehension, written and spoken expression, English vocabulary, and English grammar while incorporating interesting aspects of North American culture.


ESL – Level II course introduces the standards of college-level English. It enables you to develop grammar, sentence variety, paragraph development, vocabulary, and reading comprehension skills. These are language skills, which are essential for your success to enter college programs and professional life.

Pre-requisite: ESL – Level I

About our Teachers: Levels I and II are taught by a TESL-certified professor (Teacher of English as a Second Language.)

Course Delivery: Our online school provides English as a Second Language training for students who aspire to pursue college diplomas.

ESL for Professionals

Our students come to us when they’re looking to improve their English confidence. We help ambitious professionals improve their workplace confidence with goal-driven, engaging English classes. We see that our students have done a lot to learn on their own, but after attending our program they understand the value they get from our qualified and dedicated teachers.

About our Teachers: Our professional English teachers have a master’s degree and an average of 10-15 years of teaching experience. Not only are our teachers qualified to help you with your English skills, but they are also eager to help you reach your professional goals.

Program Delivery: Our online school provides English as a Second Language training for professionals working in non-English-speaking countries and Canada.

Working Professionals’ Goals Often Include:

  • Improving speaking confidence
  • Developing advanced professional speaking & writing skills
  • Increasing vocabulary (formal and informal)
  • Earning a promotion, new role, or admission to a program

Our Students’ (Working Professional) Profile:

Our students are business owners, executives, engineers, managers, doctors, lawyers, professors, contractors, and are from other professional occupations.

  • 65% work in the technology and manufacturing sector;
  • 92% of our students currently come from different countries;
  • 98% of our students want to be more confident at work; and
  • 78% of our students say that they feel English is holding them back from their career goals.

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