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Diploma in Network (LAN/WAN) Administration

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knowledge and skills
network administrator
geographical area
hardware and software
internet service
networking infrastructure
operating systems
information technology
windows server
geographic locations
network covers
types of networks
network security
english language
wired connections
network operating system
microsoft windows server
metropolitan area network man
computing network
networking hardware
computer hardware
network concepts
configuring and troubleshooting
systems networking
network securitywide area network wan
local area network lan
students gain
installation and configuration
directory services
active directory
connect computers
ethernet cables
implement secure
lan connecting
wan networks
wide area network wan
data transfer
students will learn
network connects
network devices
arthur samuel
unsupervised learning
networking hardware
program outline
technology industry
virtual private network
administration diploma
high speed
leased lines
network security
server administration
successful completion
computer systems
post secondary
computer network technicians
connectivity technologies
single organization
connected lans
connectivity to the internet
office building
wireless networking
long distance
data transmission
implements network
transmit data
wans connect
command line
computer systems and networks
lan wide area networks
lan wide area networks