Why Choose Canadian College for Higher Studies ...

We provide dedicated and professional traning to help each student achieve their educational goal.

What We Offer

We give you the best options to choose what's best for you and your future.
At the end, you should be ready for the position you're applying for.

  • Our teaching involves mostly hands-on training, which helps students obtain the required job skills.
  • Excellent opportunity for beginners and non-IT students, who want to step into a lucrative career in IT.
  • Many of our previous diploma students are working in high paying jobs.
  • Placement assistance for qualified graduates with good soft and hard skills.
  • We have the latest learning equipment and facilities.
  • Students have 24/7 remote access to facilities for most courses.

Want to select the right program?

At Canadian College for Higher Studies, we offer free career counselling to help you begin planning your career goals.

  • Identifying your goals, interests and skills
  • Learning about the different types of programs
  • Understanding market requirements
  • Decision-making strategies

We Take Sexual Violence Seriously

Canadian College for Higher Studies is committed to maintaining a healthy and safe learning and working environment for students, employees and visitors and free of discrimination and harassment. We are privileged to live in a country that places great value on rights and freedoms.

Yet too often, there are incidents of sexual violence against members of our community that cause not just individual harm, but also have the potential to create a hostile environment felt by all.

Canadian College for Higher studies will not tolerate Sexual Violence. It is our collective responsibility to help ensure our College is a safe and positive space for every member of our community.

The College will support this policy to those who experience sexual violence, and we are working on sexual violence programs, policies and resources, including prevention and education.


At CCHS, we believe that technology and business solutions should be customized to energize your career towards growth.

  • We are dedicated to delivering the best of breed solutions that will support your career needs and processes.
  • We will provide customized, scalable, and career-driven solutions to meet your progressing career needs.
  • We are committed to giving you lasting career satisfaction

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