Second Career program at CCHS

Business | Diploma Programs

Diploma in Early Childcare Assistant

Duration: 40 weeks

You will gain an appreciation for the historical development of child care and its impact on contemporary approaches to care and curriculum. The role of government and associations in Canadian child care and education are explained. The QUAD principles in child care are introduced. And you will develop strategies for being a successful student.

Diploma in Accounting and Payroll Administration

Duration: 51 weeks

Accounting and payroll graduates can play a key role in every business. They assist within the company to make clever financial decisions and look after employee’s payroll. They will manage accounts receivables, payables, invoices, employee records, inventory & budgeting. They will prepare financial statements as well.

Courses include preparation to become a certified Payroll Compliance Practitioner (PCP).

Business Administration program

Diploma in Business Administration 

Duration: 47 weeks

This program helps students gain in-depth and extensive knowledge whilst obtaining the skills needed to facilitate business operations at different business and non-profit settings.

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Diploma in Computerized Accounting with Office Administration

Duration: 36 weeks

This program is designed to provide students with the skills to work in the accounting and bookkeeping environment using Sage, QuickBooks, ACCPAC and even SAP Finance.

Second Career for IT Professionals

Post-Graduate Diploma in International Business Management (Finance)

Duration: 49 weeks

This program is designed to provide students with the skills to work in the export trade and in finance including finance on cloud.

Supply Chain and Logistics Management

Post-Graduate Diploma in Supply Chain & Logistics Management

Duration: 36 weeks

Students gain the necessary knowledge and skills to facilitate the business operation concerning supply chain and logistics management at different business and non-profit settings.