Certificate in
Early Childcare Assistant

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Program Description

You will gain an appreciation for the historical development of childcare and its impact on contemporary approaches to care and curriculum. The role of government and associations in Canadian childcare and education are explained. The QUAD principles in childcare are introduced and you will develop strategies for being a successful student. 

As an Early Childcare Assistant graduate, you will consistently: 

– demonstrate professionalism in all elements of practice in the field of early childcare and education
– apply relevant legislation, regulations, policies, procedures and employer policies to personal ethics, early childcare assistant (ECA) programs and settings
– assess resources and uses available learning opportunities for further personal growth and skill development
– demonstrate an understanding of the historical contributions to early child care and education, their influence on contemporary practice and the future direction of early child care in Canada
– develop a reflective practice through keeping a daily journal of practicum experiences reflect on each practicum assignment and experience; evaluate practices used and decisions made
– evaluate constructive criticism from others; incorporate useful information into personal practice as an educator
– identify mistakes; be accountable and make corrections if appropriate; be prepared to explain decisions and actions
– demonstrate a willingness to learn from others – children, parents, co-workers, supervisor, and others
– identify successes; reflect and assess with a view to transferring skills to other situations
– demonstrate the ability to adapt skills and practical experience to address new situations; reflect and evaluate adaptation

Duration: 40 weeks

Method of Delivery: Instructor-led training

Program Curriculum

    • Written Communication
    • Observation Skills
    • Health and Safety
    • Introduction to Early Child Care and Education
    • Intro to Prenatal, Infant and Toddler Development
    • Guiding Children
    • Curriculum Planning
    • Roles and Responsibilities
    • Nutrition Practicum 2: Preschool
    • Introduction to Child Development
    • Practicum 1: Infant and Toddler
    • Intro to Preschool Development
    • Child, Family and Community

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