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Program Description

This diploma program helps you gain an in-depth and extensive knowledge whilst obtaining the skills needed to facilitate business operations at different business environments and non-profit settings.

You will have the opportunity to learn, analyze, and apply skills and knowledge, conduct business analysis as well as concepts in your workplace and future full-time employment gained through core courses, in-class activities, problem solving, project management, case studies, role play, marketing research, individual assignments and group projects.

In order to have comprehensive knowledge, skills and build a strong foundation on business and relevant areas, this program would facilitate students who are required to complete courses in: Basics in Computers, Human Resources Management, Marketing, Finance, QuickBooks, Economics, Career Planning & Development, Business Law, Business Communication, Organizational Behavior and Business Management.  

Each of the business administration program courses has an objective and outcome through this less than a year diploma, which you would be able to address the needs of concurrent business activities in a small business or any size of organization, as well as achieve your career goals as you gain your experience and business skills of your career paths in the business world. 

Duration: 47 weeks

Method of Delivery: Currently virtual

Program Curriculum


    • Introduction to Windows
    • MS Word
    • MS Excel
    • MS PowerPoint
    • MS Access
    • Marketing & Sales
    • Organizational Behaviour
    • Business Communications
    • Principle of Business Management
    • Fundamentals of Accounting
    • Business Law
    • Human Resources Management
    • Financial Accounting
    • Economics (Business)
    • QuickBooks
    • Career Planning & Development

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