Up to $28,000 for more Ontarians to learn new skills

Up to $28,000 for more Ontarians to learn new skills

The Ontario government has extended its Second Career program eligibility to help more than just unemployed and laid-off workers, but also to those who are self-employed, gig workers, youth, newcomers, and others who need a hand up.

The program is currently only for those who have been laid off and have not been working or who have been laid off and are working a temporary job to cover costs.

In addition to providing financial support to laid-off and unemployed workers, by Spring 2022, the Second Career program will begin supporting unemployed individuals with little or no work experience, those who are self-employed, and those in the gig economy. The program will also offer much better access for those whose employment barriers may have been made worse by the pandemic, including young people, newcomers, people on social assistance, and people with disabilities.

Since revamping Second Career to prioritize those laid off during the pandemic, the number of workers accessing the program has increased by 71 percent. Building on these changes, the proposed program expansion will help more local employers find the talent they need while providing a hand up to those who want to re-train for in-demand careers.

These changes build on the government’s work to invest in skills training opportunities and attract investments that will create good, well-paying jobs in every region of the province.

The Second Career initiative will offer workers up to $28,000 to put towards their education and will include costs such as tuition, books, transportation, manuals, workbooks, instructional costs, and a basic living allowance of up to $500 per week.  

According to the government, you can apply for the program by working with an employment services agency. Staff will be able to help you get an application ready to apply.  

There are more than 300,000 unfilled jobs in Ontario, and the latest investment is hoped will help address that problem.

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