Balancing books and well-being: essential mental health tips for students

Embarking on the journey of education is about acquiring knowledge and navigating the challenges that can impact your mental well-being. As students, the pressures of academic life, social dynamics, and personal growth can sometimes become overwhelming. In this blog, we’ll explore practical mental health tips tailored for students, helping you balance your educational pursuits and […]

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balancing study, work and personal life

Balancing study, work, and personal life

Statistics Canada says that 72% of students hold part-time jobs while going to school. But combining education and employment is not for everyone and balancing the two can be quite tricky. Study and work both can take up an ample amount of time and leave very little time for personal stuff. This is one of […]

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essential skills for college students

8 essential skills for college students

Success at college requires a diverse set of skills and it’s not as simple as being a good student in high school and continuing that on to college. It’s no that you should disregard what has got you here but there is much that needs to be added as in higher learning more is expected of […]

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study tips 101

Study tips 101

The semester has begun and we can finally see ourselves falling into a routine. However, this is where we start to get a little too comfortable to put it lightly. We start pushing things aside claiming to go back to it later, only for later to come and have all the things to-do pile up. […]

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