Study tips 101

study tips 101

The semester has begun and we can finally see ourselves falling into a routine. However, this is where we start to get a little too comfortable to put it lightly. We start pushing things aside claiming to go back to it later, only for later to come and have all the things to-do pile up.

To prevent this, here are a few study tips that are simple but key to make sure your year runs smoothly, your grades stay up and you have free time when you need it the most:


  • Print it out; write it out, pull up the digital copy just make sure you have it. This will be the back bone of your new and easy study routine.


  • A few great ones are: My Study Life( IOS, Android, Windows, Chrome) Overall user friendly. Evernote (best for taking and keeping online notes on the go
  • Exam Count Down Lite (IOS and Android) Best for keeping track of your upcoming exams/tests. FlashCard+ for making your own flashcards.
  • Now this is where your syllabus comes in handy. Write down your exam dates, assignment dates or even start dates of topics in your course so you can keep track and make your notes accordingly. This way you won’t fall behind, will have all the notes in order for your midterm and nor exams season where everything is a whirlwind of due dates, presentations and tests.

Now that you have all your dates and deadlines down, should find the ideal spot to study.


  • Find somewhere you are comfortable yet free from distractions. And no, this does not include your bed. As comfy or tempting as it may be, your bed is meant for sleep and relaxing, two things that don’t go along with studying.
  • Now the best spots for study can be easily found on campus.For example the top floor of the library where they have the quiet sign, as student study room (you can book), or the hidden coffee spot on campus/city that has enough engagement but minimal distractions.


  • For the love of God put away your cell phone. Trust me on this one. As tempting as it can be and the FOMO is real, put it away.
  • Downloading distraction blockers can help you block social media etc for the period you are studying. That way you do stay focused but get alerted if it’s an emergency.


  • A common mistake we as students make is staying up and pulling those all nighters. I’m not saying don’t do them at all because truly it is inevitable. But keep those late nights and all-nighters to something more enjoyable.
  • Go to sleep and study in the morning, it’s a game changer. That’s when your brain will retain most of the information you are reading and writing. Plus, the early morning routine is something followed by many successful people in the industry.
  • Make sure to eat, have snack ready when studying, and keep hydrated; not only will it help your brain but keep you looking fresh too.

6. Make good Notes

  • Most people write notes as it helps you retain information first hand. Some people type notes for efficiency some people hand write. Whichever it may be, master it. This is one thing that will not only save you now as students but will be a required skill when you go through the rest of your life.
  • Review and Revise. Takinging notes are just the starting point but review and revising is the key point. That being said having good sets of notes will defiantly give you the advantage.
  • Arrange study groups when reviewing study notes if you need a change.


7. Remember to take breaks. Your human, remember that. You work, you have long days, you have commitments and you have a lot on your mind. Being a student shouldn’t be a job, remember you’re allowed to have fun. This is one of the memorable years we as students or young adults have. This is where we find who we are. So yes, study but take your breaks. And enjoy the moment.

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