More tech jobs are now available in Canada

more tech workers needed in canada

While the Canadian economy certainly took a hit during the pandemic, tech-related jobs have bounced back more quickly than in other industries. Financial Post reveals that according to a report published in December 2020, Canada is losing its tech talent, and Canadian companies are trying to attract new workers including those from abroad.

The included positions in this bounce back include engineers, programmers, and a range of other tech roles. It shows that the information technology industry is incredibly robust and that those seeking to work in Canada as programmers, coders, or engineers have a potential opportunity to secure an excellent role.

This trend will continue accelerating, as Forbes reports, technological advancements are expected to support rapid employment growth in professional, business and scientific services sectors, including computer systems design and related  services, as well as management, scientific and technical consulting services. There will be a continuing escalating need for workers to help protect data, privacy and information security. Computer occupations will see exponential growth, particularly in software development and the Internet of Things (IoT).  

Start a new tech career with the proper education

It’s never too late to relaunch your career. If you’re unemployed or on maternity/paternity leave, or have been laid-off, you may even qualify to receive funding from the Ontario government to get you trained. Second Career funding also covers basic living expenses such as childcare, an opportunity that a single parent shouldn’t miss out. If you have lost your job due to COVID-19, your application for Ontario Second Career program will be accelerated so that you can enroll in one of our diploma programs in IT, Business, or Healthcare faster. Find out the Second Career application process time by connecting with our student advisor here.

Given that tech industry workers are in demand, all potential programmers and engineers need is training to get them started. Knowing programming languages like Python as well as understanding database administration, cloud, big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science are all essential to landing a position and getting ahead. 

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