Personal Support Worker duties and responsibilities

Personal Support Worker duties and responsibilities

A Personal Support Worker (PSW) looks after the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of a patient who cannot do so themselves due to illness or aging. The primary responsibilities of a PSW include ensuring individuals have healthy and nutritious meals, helping individuals with daily tasks such as maintaining hygiene and working with an interdisciplinary team to provide the best quality of care.  

 The daily duties of a Personal Support Worker may change based on the settings they work in. PSWs in someone’s home may also perform laundry, sweeping, and other light housekeeping duties. A Personal Support Worker in a nursing home will more likely perform tasks like administering medicine, keeping the daily schedules of multiple patients, and changing bed sheets. 

PSW skills and qualifications

To become a successful PSW, there are various prerequisite skills and qualifications for the duties of this job, including: 

· Strong organizational skills while being able to maintain high standards under pressure

· Ability to adapt to change and remain flexible

· Accustomed to working with and understanding the needs of various types of patients

· Excellent communication skills, both oral and written

· Ability to work well as an independent collaborator and as a team

· Ability to comply with standard policies and procedures to ensure a safe work environment

· Ability to use computer programs to keep accurate records and documentation

· Excellent listening and interpersonal skills

Personal Support Worker education and training requirements 

 A Personal Support Worker who obtains a certificate from an accredited college should be preferred for the proper hands-on training and practicums learned. Some applicants will also have a certificate specializing in caring for the elderly, people with disabilities, or someone recovering from surgery. 

Personal Support Worker salary expectations 

According to Indeed Salaries, the average pay for a Personal Support Worker in Canada is $20.04 per hour, and the prospect remains excellent due to the aging population in Canada. 

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