How to start a career in healthcare?

How to start a career in healthcare

Healthcare workers are always in demand in Canada, even after the pandemic has passed. The most-wanted roles in healthcare aren’t all clinical, as many employers are looking for qualified candidates to provide direct patient care and individuals with administrative skills to run medical offices or assist people in getting the required services. 

We list the most in-demand roles if you are interested in starting a career in healthcare without any clinical background.

  1. Medical office administrator 

A medical office administrator maintains patient records and schedules appointments. They work closely with nurses, physicians, and patients on the check-in process. Earning a diploma in medical office administration will prepare you to manage the daily operations of a healthcare facility, be it a doctor’s office or a hospital. The diploma program teaches you how to manage financial and medical records and process medical insurance, billing, and coding documents, among others.

        Qualified candidates for this role have strong communication and problem-solving skills and are detailed-oriented and customer-centric. 

2. Medical secretary 

Medical secretaries provide support in offices that general secretaries do, but their work is done in an environment filled with healthcare concepts and requirements. The suitable candidates for these top jobs in the healthcare field are those who understand medical terminology and have empathy for patient needs and the rigorous demands put on clinical staff.

3. Hospital administrator 

Administrators in hospitals and other healthcare settings, such as medical clinics and managers in government departments overlooking healthcare have the broadest range of remuneration in the sector because these jobs run the gamut from supervisors managing a few employees to senior managers running massive hospitals and health authorities. The role should ensure to balance of the quality of patient care and clinical services with business matters such as budget and resource management

4. Personal support worker (PSW)

The aging population in Canada requires many more personal support workers to help these older adults maintain their everyday lives. Regarding the work setting, its emphasis is on providing health services at home rather than in a hospital setting. Job Bank estimates there will be 33,900 new jobs for home support workers in Canada in the decade ending in 2028. 

PSWs provide care and help with daily activities to people of all ages with certain medical conditions. 

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