Women are more eager to learn new skills than men.

Women are more eager to learn new skills than men.

Women in many other fields appear ready to take the lead in boosting their job skills. That’s a key finding emerging from the latest edition of LinkedIn’s Workforce Confidence survey. Most men and women say they plan to focus on learning new skills over the next six months rather than changing jobs. But the Workforce Confidence survey finds that the level of interest for women (59%) is five percentage points above men’s response. 

While upskilling on the job has been a much-talked-about concept for a long time, earlier cohorts of workers found that adding credentials wasn’t accessible. It often meant spending months or years in formal academic programs, earning an extra degree.

These days, all kinds of simpler, friendlier shortcuts exist.

If women are especially quick about stepping forward to make the most of such on-the-job opportunities, that’s consistent with broader education trends. Women now represent 56% of students at public, four-year universities in the United States. They account for well over half the enrollment at private and two-year colleges, too, according to U.S. Department of Education statistics. 

In statistics presented by AllBright, women are emerging from this period of adversity with resilience and an entrepreneurial mindset. Motivated to succeed with big plans, 75% of women surveyed are hoping to kickstart their venture, while 25% have already put the wheels in motion to get started. According to Futurelearn, 61% dream of a complete career shake-up, which begs the question: how can women come out of this time feeling empowered and fighting for the career they want? By upskilling. AllBright’s figures found that 66% of the women surveyed were planning to invest time and effort into broadening their skillset to better their career prospects, both now and post-pandemic. 

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