Why digital marketing is important for every business

Why digital marketing is important for every business

Regardless of the size of your business, chances are, at some point, you will need to develop it into something bigger by penetrating a larger audience. Digital marketing will be the vehicle you’ll most likely use to reach your audience. Let’s dig deeper into the importance of digital marketing to every business.


Running ads costs money; however, traditional marketing has an exceptionally high barrier to entry. When you advertise digitally through platforms like Google and Facebook have no minimum barrier for entry. You could run a $5 per day campaign if you wanted to, and you would still generate potential qualified leads from it.

More reach

Demographic breakdowns can be assessed based on the medium (for example, readers of Horses magazine comprise equestrian enthusiasts). With more of these traditional channels, you must tailor your message to various audiences. Sure, we have the demographic of 21-year-olds and 55-year-olds who need the product or service you offer, but do they respond to the same ads?

Digital marketing channels allow you to target individuals based on age, gender, income level, location, job title, interests, behaviour, and more. Even if you don’t know what demographic breakdown applies to your business, free analytics tools associated with platforms such as Google and Facebook show you the exact characteristics of people who visit your website or your competitors.


Using traditional advertising to promote your brand, you are hoping your target audience is physically able to notice your efforts. The thing is, most consumers are now online.

You can reach your audience anytime they check their gadget through digital marketing media. If you want to reach a well-defined segment of your audience, you can also do that to increase your brand visibility.

Lead generation

Tracking your marketing performance is an issue with traditional marketing as it generally doesn’t show how your ads convert into sales.  

Digital ads allow you to retrieve more details of a lead, such as the number of people reached through a campaign, their contact information and the opportunity for an ad to grow. The immediate response is highly essential to measure conversion.  

Customer engagement  

Technology gives businesses uncapped opportunities to engage with their customers, whether it’s through social media posts or newsletters. Digitally you can respond to a customer’s negative feedback in a public forum, which not only means you can quell their concerns, but everyone who reads the review will also see your response. And by engaging with customers who have had a positive experience with your company, you simultaneously retain your customers by building a loyal community around your organization online. Staying connected with your customers is one of the benefits of digital marketing.  

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