What is SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence?

What is SAP BO BI?

SAP BusinessObjects (BO) Business Intelligence (BI) is a centralized suite for data reporting, visualization, and sharing.  

Formally known as BOBJ, SAP BO is an enterprise software solution that specializes in reporting and analytical (BI). The platform is used as the primary access to publish, store, create, and share reports and to perform analysis within the different products. The SAP BusinessObjects platform can be the portal environment towards your integrated reporting environment.

It comprises various reporting applications that help the users to find data, conduct analytics, and generate reports anytime, anywhere. SAP BusinessObjects aims to simplify the process of reporting and analytics allowing SAP customers to deploy business intelligence projects and perform predictive analytics without any support from data analysts.

Furthermore, the SAP BO BI application makes use of the drag-and-drop functionality so that the users can discover and analyze data from various sources. Being the front-end-based BI platform, SAP BO integrates the data from different back-end sources instead of storing it at the application level. SAP has integrated the full BusinessObjects product portfolio within their own offering starting 2007, after the acquisition of the company.

Benefits of BusinessObjects BI 

SAP BO BI is a great tool that offers business intelligence reporting with the help of viable applications. Businesses look to choose SAP BO BI for these benefits it offers, according to Accely

  1. The best analytics reporting tool

SAP BO has a Web Intelligence application that makes it one of the leading queries and the best analytics reporting tool. What does it mean to be a business enterprise? It means that they can cater to numerous rows in a singular report. It also means that they can develop documents using various universes and data sources.

You can even create highly customizable reports, advanced analytics documents, and hybrid dashboards using more than 150 available functions.

2. Highly scalable architecture

SAP BO offers the benefit of scalable architecture allowing SAP experts to adjust users easily with the help of server clustering and cloning.

3. Connection with SAP HANA

SAP BO also allows users to take leverage in its in-memory database or SAP HANA. You can access big data to predict the future rapidly.

4. Robust security and system administration

SAP BO allows you to manage security in the Central Management Console (CMC, which secures the BI data solutions more comprehensively. The CMC also maintains and manages the servers. 

Job prospects

The prospect for someone who’s skilled in the SAP BO is definitely promising because these days many companies are focusing on result-oriented solutions and BO has that quality in it. What you can do more is grow your skills and for this, you can choose some highly important SAP BO courses.

These are just a few among the many roles for a skilled individual in SAP BO BI: 

– SAP BO Consultant 

– SAP BO Administrator 

– Business Intelligence Specialist 

– Package Specialist with SAP BO Reporting, and the list continues!

SAP BO BI Course

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