What are the top 4 styles of working?

What are the top four styles of working

When you know how you work, you can adjust your behaviour to maximize your interactions with peers whose style is different from yours. Knowing how your coworkers approach challenges can provide insight into how best to interact with them. Likewise, being aware of your biases or habits can help you alter your behaviour to become a better employee and team player.

We dive into the top four working styles listed on Indeed.

  1. Logical

Often known as drivers or doers, individuals who fall into this category prefer to face challenges directly and efficiently. If you identify with this work style, you’re probably analytical, love working with data, and want to see a task through from start to finish. They typically have great focus, which can sometimes lead to communication being less important to them. Focusing on practical and personable touch can be an improvement for workers in this style. If this seems like how you approach work, you may need to improve your planning and preparation skills.

2. Detail-oriented

Individuals with this working style make skilled engineers because of their attention to detail. Detail-oriented employees bring order and stability to a team and are strategic, organized, and pragmatic. People with this work style sometimes become micromanagers as they advance in their careers and strive for accuracy in everything. They avoid risks and approach challenges with caution and consideration. They differ from those with a logical style in that they excel in the planning and preparation stage yet might stall in executing their plans. They make an effective team when paired with peers with a logical work style.

3. Supportive 

People who prefer to interact with others in a sensitive and considerate manner are part of the supportive category. Supportive coworkers are emotionally intelligent and are excellent collaborators. They build strong relationships at work effortlessly and consider the feelings and opinions of everyone around them. They work best in a team environment, where they can foster workplace relationships and benefit from having more detail-oriented colleagues to guide them through tasks and logical peers to motivate them.

4. Idea-oriented

Often thought of as big-picture thinkers, idea-oriented coworkers make outstanding leaders. Employees with this personality share their vision with their teams and inspire them to achieve their maximum potential. Excellent problem solvers, those with this working personality style can overcome challenges in unique and often surprising ways by constantly innovating. Idea-oriented employees benefit from pairing with more detail-oriented colleagues.

So which type are you?

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