Types of office jobs for a business diploma graduate

Types of office jobs for a business diploma graduate

You might be interested in an office job if you have just graduated with your business administration diploma. Learning about the various office jobs can help you narrow your choices and decide which career path is best for you. These are the top 5 office jobs once you graduate with your business diploma. 

  1. Administrative assistant

An administrative assistant performs general tasks, such as scheduling, paperwork, phone calls and email correspondence, follow-up emails and leads, and many more. This job will ideally suit you if you have yet to decide what department you would like to work in, as this job means daily contact with all the departments. Once you have gained experience and insights, you can opt for a special occupation.

2. Legal assistant

If you have never enrolled in a university but you want to opt for law as a profession, you may find opportunities as a legal assistant. You need to be excellent at writing and have exceptional organizational skills.

3. Customer service representative 

This job includes various tasks, including receiving customer questions and complaints and following them up with the respective department or supervisors. If you have a friendly personality and love talking to people and solving problems, this job will be perfect for you.

4. Sales executive

The great thing about taking a business diploma is that it allows you to learn multiple skills, both technical and soft ones. If you are a talkative person, sales could be your future. Being friendly, persuasive, attentive to detail, and engaging will ensure success in your field. 

5. Bookkeeper and accounting clerk

Bookkeepers and accounting clerks maintain companies’ financial records by updating financial statements, recording transactions, preparing invoices, managing payroll, keeping track of financial records, and paying bills. They can also check everything for accuracy, and alert others, such as auditors or accountants, about any errors or discrepancies. Individuals in this role can work in an extensive accounting or finance department or a small business. Math and accounting skills can be beneficial if you plan to work in this field. Experience with popular accounting software is helpful as well.

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