Top 7 tips to boost your creativity

Top 7 tips to boost your creativity

Creativity and innovation are the basis of many of today’s companies. Many more job roles also require creativity. Some believe it is innate, while others must work harder to tap into their creative sides. We compiled the top seven tips that can help boost your creativity and perhaps encourage your team to do so.  

  1. Use your downtime 

You’re often focused on meetings, to-do lists, and keeping the wheels in motion when you’re in the office. It may be your time out of the office that will stimulate the other side of your brain. Take notes on any creative ideas you come up with, so you can elaborate during your work hours. 

2. Try a change of scenery

A new environment can jog your creative thinking when you’re stuck for inspiration. What about taking a walk, going to an art gallery or getting into a new space? A change of scenery may help unblock the creativity flow for the brain to work on in the background.

3. Rethink your workspace

Working within monotonous cubicles or surrounded by walls and fluorescent lighting isn’t the most direct path to creative ideas. Small steps, such as adding colour, plants, scented candles, artwork, and natural light, can go a long way. And for a real boom in inspiration, rely on input from employees to design not just a workspace but also a culture that more naturally cultivates creativity.

4. Give ideas time to immerse 

Very few people are creative on command. If you need proposals, concepts, or pitches about something, let your employees know and give them time to ponder it. The same goes for meetings that help your team “brainstorm” ideas. Send your schedule a few days before your employees can put their thinking caps on and prepare creative ideas. Otherwise, get ready for crickets.  

5. Invite new people to the table

Have regular speakers, seminars, and workshops to hear different perspectives and ideas. It’s good to have people come in for a lunch-and-learn, or get people out of the office to be inspired, whether it’s industry-related or not. A new person in the mix adds a different element to the group. They’re taking their minds away from things which can breathe new life into their creative space.

6. Reduce the fear of failing

Some of the most creative ideas are often unconventional, and employees may be scared to give suggestions knowing they’ll get laughed down or underestimated for trying. As we know that fears will get you nowhere, it’s time to take action and do something to keep the negative emotion subside. 

7. Be someone who inspires.

Thinking unconventionally about upcoming pitches, budgets, or employee feedback is difficult. The rewards for creative ideas are proven. The more you challenge your old ways of doing things, the more likely you’ll be to uncover your creative side.  

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