Top 5 in-demand jobs triggered by the pandemic

pandemic triggered jobs

The pandemic has affected many lives and while some sectors have seen widespread job loss, others are on the lookout for even more talent. We hear about the hiring spree from small-sized to big-shot IT companies every day and it seems that the talents are never enough to fill in the demand.

The Canadian government did some research into how the pandemic has affected the labour force in each province and territory. In Ontario, researchers analyzed 109 occupations that saw big changes in employment compared to pre-COVID days.

From these findings, we compiled the top five occupations that have seen an increased demand for labour during the pandemic as reported by CIC News.  

  1. Computer and information systems managers  

The role is such a hit right now as companies that were previously limited in their ability to allow employees to work from home have become more reliant on computer and information systems managers.

Many companies intend to implement a remote working and even learning for the long term. Also, more virtual services such as e-commerce, medical appointments, job fairs, classes, and others could call for more IT workers.

2. Information systems analysts and consultants  

Much like other IT occupations, information systems analysts and consultants have been crucial to helping companies transition to remote work. Did you know that they were considered essential workers while Ontario was in lockdown?

There are a number of other factors that suggest long-term demand for labour in this field. For example, more companies are expanding products and services online. Digital processes are growing and so is the risk of cyber-security breaches.

Also, artificial intelligence analysts may see more job openings due to increased interest in using AI solutions for various lines of business.

3. Database analysts and data administrators  

Throughout the pandemic, the government and other organizations have prioritized case tracking and COVID-19 data analysis. These workers have been involved in much of the COVID-data analysis process. Predictive analytics in the healthcare industry has shown a significant demand as well.

A continued interest in COVID-19 data and analysis will support these job opportunities.

Furthermore, concerns are high regarding data collection, storage, and management following more demand for virtual health and social services. The shift to online solutions will increase jobs in these occupations.

4. Computer programmers and interactive media developers  

At the beginning of the pandemic, these workers were in demand to help design COVID-related digital media to support the dissemination of information. Many were already set up to work from home due to the nature of their work.

An increase in demand for digital products and services will support opportunities for these workers, especially as the global e-learning market grows.

In Ontario, the provincial government is working with various organizations to create digital resources for online learning. Such initiatives are expected to support these workers.

5. Web designers and developers  

Web designers and developers are integral in building COVID-19-related websites to help disseminate information. Due to the nature of their work, many of these workers already had telework capabilities before the pandemic.

The trend toward online shopping will support job opportunities for workers in this field. Also, more virtual services, such as medical appointments, may also support these jobs.

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