Ontario’s upcoming new tech hub

Ontario's upcoming new tech hub

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More reasons to learn IT’s hottest fields as more job opportunities are on the rise with the upcoming NOKIA tech hub. 

Nokia Canada will turn its Kanata facility into a $412-million research and development technology centre that will create more than 340 new jobs in the 5G wireless technology industry, reported Ottawa Citizen. 

The company said Monday that the project will transform its 26-acre campus at the Kanata North Business Park into a mixed-use corporate, residential and commercial hub. It will receive $ 72 million in total funding from the three levels of government.

Nokia said the tech hub will also significantly expand its cyber security, artificial intelligence and machine learning capacity.

The move is a step toward strengthening Canada’s wireless network. It will help pave the way for new opportunities in clean energy, smart cities, precision agriculture, autonomous vehicles, and advanced telemedicine. 

Nokia plans to begin site construction in 2023 and expects to open the new facility in 2026. 

The project will see Nokia grow its Ontario-based team to 2,500 — and help the company attract highly-skilled, global talent to Canada’s tech ecosystem.

By implementing sustainable technologies, Nokia said the new Ottawa facility will also support the company’s global target of 50 percent greenhouse gas emission reduction by 2030.

Sueling Ching, president and CEO of the Ottawa Board of Trade, said Nokia’s investment in the city would bring both jobs and prestige.  

Nokia’s decision, she said, will bring more high-paying jobs to an important and growing segment of the city’s economy.

According to a CBRE Group Inc. research report released in July, the City of Ottawa has the highest concentration of high-tech talent in North America, with 11.6 percent of its total employment in the high-tech field. San Francisco is second at 11.4 percent, followed by Toronto, Seattle and Waterloo Region.

The CBRE report noted that such sizeable concentrations of highly skilled workers offer environments “conducive to innovation.”

Ottawa’s overall tech talent market was ranked 13th in North America by CBRE, behind much bigger cities such as San Francisco, Seattle, Toronto, New York and Boston. 

Ching said the significant investment by Nokia would make it easier to attract more high-tech firms to the city. “Do tech jobs beget other tech jobs? Yes, for sure,” said Ching.

Jamie Petten, president and executive director of the Kanata North Business Association, describes Monday’s announcement as a boon to the area’s high-tech sector and the city.

“It’s a benefit to our entire region. The talent that we attract here, and the investment that we attract here, will only create further growth and job opportunities in Ottawa.”

She added that the KNBA is excited by Nokia’s plans, which will further entrench the area as Canada’s premier tech hub.

“Nokia’s investment in their facility and in creating a world-class innovation hub right here at the heart of the park is only going to enhance further our ability to attract that talent,” she said.  

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