Ontario helping workers start new careers

ontario helping workers start new careers

We’re delighted with the latest update from the Ontario government through this news release that the province is increasing financial supports and simplifying the application process for individuals applying to the Second Career government funding program. As the province’s economy begins to reopen, these changes will make it easier for laid-off and unemployed workers to pursue training and start new and better careers.

According to Monte McNaughton, Minister of Labour, Training and Skills Development, increasing support for laid-off and unemployed workers is key to the mission of spreading opportunity more fairly and widely. “No worker will be left behind in our recovery. Through improvements like these, our single focus is on giving hardworking men and women the tools they need to start a good job and make a better living for themselves and their families.”

As of today, laid-off and unemployed workers will experience a faster Second Career grant application process. They will no longer need to provide burdensome amounts of documentation to get funding. The program is increasing weekly basic living supports for rent, mortgage, and other expenses up to $500 a week. Additionally, transportation and child care supports are being enhanced to better reflect the costs that people currently face.

These new changes follow improvements the government made to this program in December 2020 which lists the updated initiative that will help jobseekers train for careers in sectors including information and communication technology, life sciences, advanced manufacturing, and supporting health services. 

Also from the previous update, enhancements will focus on training initiatives with a duration of 52 weeks or less, helping more people get trained quicker and get back to work faster. These changes will also remove existing caps on the funding amount available to cover tuition for training programs.

Who qualifies for Second Career Ontario?

Second Career funding Ontario helps laid-off, unemployed, and underemployed individuals pay for the tuition of training programs within 52 weeks with maximum funding support that a Second Career client can receive to help pay for their education and living expenses are $28,000. 

In May 2021, employment in Ontario was still 4.1 percent below the pre-COVID 19 levels of February 2020. As part of the 2021 Budget, Ontario continues to support workers hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic by investing an additional $614.3 million during 2020-21 and 2021-22 to provide targeted employment and training supports.

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