Most popular diploma programs in Canada

Most popular diploma programs in Canada

With its beautiful landscape, diverse communities and high living quality, Canada have always been a top study destination for international students. The education system in Canada is one of the best in the world, as colleges offer career-focused programs with curricula adapted to the current needs of the job market. The high employability rate among graduates has also proven a successful trait of post-secondary education.   

These are the most popular diploma programs that are favourable for you to land a job in Canada as soon as you graduate. 

  1. Business

Business diploma offers a diverse palette of specializations, including finance, marketing, human resources, logistics management and many others. Business students can combine academic terms with an internship or work experience in the field.  

Popular business programs for international students:

– Business Administration

– International Business Management 

– Digital Marketing

– Graphic and Web Design 

– Accounting and Payroll Management

– Computerized Accounting with Office Administration

– Supply Chain and Logistics Management

2. Technology

Toronto, Waterloo, and Ottawa have become the tech hubs predicted to be the next Silicon Valley due to the rapid growth in IT infrastructure, construction and transportation. Automation and artificial intelligence in almost any aspect of our lives has put talent in technology in high demand. These are a few of the most popular diploma programs in IT that will secure you a wide array of career opportunities in this field after graduation:

– Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

– Cybersecurity 

– Data Science  

– Internet of Things (IoT)

– Database Administration

– Big Data and Predictive Analytics

– IT Support with Software Quality Assurance

– Systems Administrator – Cloud 

– Enterprise Linux Administration

– Cisco & Red Hat Engineering

– Enterprise IT Management

– ERP Information Systems

– Systems Administrator (Linux/UNIX)

– Network Administration 

3. Healthcare 

Canada’s healthcare system and services have always been highly rated among other countries. As many of its workers are entering retirement age, the role has become more in demand. If you are considering starting a career in healthcare, both Personal Support Worker (PSW) and Medical Office Administrator programs will help you with the plan. 

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