Machines too, need support!

pc support technician

Did you ever speculate on how many computers are there in use throughout the world? Ok, whatever you assume the actual number is way above your prediction. Approximately, there are over 3 billion PC’s in the world! These machines are everywhere, in public and private sectors, corporate offices, service centers, retail sales, military and national security, law enforcement offices, health and safety, educational institutions, and in our own home.

Machines, like humans, have a life! They have incorrect setting, stop working, need upgrades, require troubleshooting, get viruses, the need to replace hardware and update operating system.

How do we solve these problems?

We need a Support Technician, also known as Technical Support Specialist, to resolve issues arising from everyday use.

A Support Technician provides support not only for desktop computers but also for laptops, servers, clusters, smart phones and tablets. They occasionally repair input devices like keyboards, scanners, and data storage devices. System Administration Technicians also work with network hardware, routers, switches, fiber optics, wireless networks. They perform upgrades, patches, installations, troubleshooting, repairing and installing network cable infrastructure, configuring network equipment and resolving malfunctions.

So, it is obvious that for 3 billion PC’s we need a lot of support technicians.

How to become a PC Support Technician?

PC Support Technician work does not necessarily require a degree! All you need t is an extensive knowledge of computer systems and networking features. This job is available with a short diploma or few IT courses under the belts. ‘Canadian College for Higher Studies’ offer a technology-based diploma focusing on practical skills required to support end users and team members in IT, ERP & CRM environments.  It has exclusive features like SAP end user support and prominent cloud based CRM Salesforce Administration. At the end of the program, the graduates learn to identify, troubleshoot and resolve problems encountered by end users using Windows or Linux machines and applications including ERP and CRM. It also has a module for personal development and communication. Since effective communication is a prerequisite for support technicians.

After completing the diploma, many people continue their studies to go for CISCO and Microsoft Certifications in server maintenance and office technology. Some might specialize in fields such as data recovery, system administration, and information systems. There is a steady demand for computer support specialists and the demand will grow by 12% over the 2014-2024 periods.

The biggest advantage of working as PC Support Technician is the flexibility. They can work both remotely from home and on-site; can be self-employed; work as freelancers and consultants. Moreover, with additional experience and education, PC Support Technicians may advance into executive roles or may become a big businessperson.

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