Job prospects for a Medical & Health Office Administrator

job prospects for medical office administrator

According to Job Bank, job opportunities for medical administrative assistants are good in Ontario over the next three years. These job prospects are also applicable to people working as medical office assistants.

What types of employers for a role in medical office administration?  

  • Most medical office assistants work in physician offices and hospitals.
  • Nursing and residential care facilities and out-patient care centres are also key employers.

What are the main trends affecting employment?

  • Investments in new hospitals and other healthcare facilities
  • Transformation and streamlining of Ontario’s healthcare logistical systems may negatively affect potential job openings
  • The increased use of technology to perform administrative tasks may also moderate demand for this occupation.

What skill is required for a medical office administration role?

  • Candidates with training in medical office administration and knowledge of medical terminology should have better opportunities to secure employment
  • Knowledge of healthcare information system software may improve job prospects.
  • Proficiency in data entry and typing. 

Here are some key facts about medical administrative assistants in the Ontario region, still according to Job Bank.

  • Approximately 29,100 people work in this occupation.
  • Medical administrative assistants mainly work in the following sectors:
    • Ambulatory health care services (NAICS 621): 59%
    • Hospitals (NAICS 622): 32%
    • Nursing and residential care facilities (NAICS 623): 5%
  • The distribution of full-time and part-time workers in this occupation is:
    • Full-time workers: 77% compared to 79% for all occupations
    • Part-time workers: 23% compared to 21% for all occupations
  • 70% of medical administrative assistants work all year, while 30% work only part of the year, compared to 63% and 37%, respectively, among all occupations. Those who worked only part of the year did so for 36 weeks compared to 31 weeks for all occupations.
  • Less than 5% of medical administrative assistants are self-employed compared to an average of 12% for all occupations.

What is office administration? 

Also known as an administrative assistant, an office administrator performs clerical duties to help ensure an organization’s operations function smoothly. The administrator’s job may focus on a few key activities or involve the management of a wide range of functions, depending on the overall operating structure of the business and the complexity of operations.

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