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Exciting things to do in Toronto

Torontonians and visitors are now encouraged to explore the city and try something new that they’ve been meaning to experience. Destination Toronto recently launched a recovery campaign to boost tourism among locals in the city titled Never Have I Ever, TO. Participants can play the game of the same name and encourage locals and visitors to try experiences of all kinds throughout the city.

The program is designed to find those things we haven’t done around the city, could be an attraction that we’ve walked past and promised to return when we could, or the food we always wanted to taste.

Running until October 30th, it promotes many of the businesses that were hardest hit in the pandemic, including hotels, attractions, and the city’s food scene. The campaign also includes “My Toronto Pass,” a mobile passport featuring offers on attractions, tours, experiences, and more.

On Aug. 9, Canada’s border partially reopened to fully vaccinated American citizens and permanent residents for recreational purposes. 

We compiled several exciting things to do, suitable for adrenaline seekers like us! 

  1. Heli Tours

See the city from the new heights. You’ll experience the city like never before and will leave feeling like you are on cloud nine! 

2. Toronto’s EdgeWalk

Try the CN Tower’s EdgeWalk to test how many levels of adrenaline are in your blood. Could be an ideal date idea to bring you closer to that special someone of yours. 

3. Roller skate at Retro Rolla 

What about going retro in your neon legwarmers while skating your way through the outdoor setting The Bentway?

4. Gone Sailing Adventures

If you’re an aquatic type of person, going nautical by feeling the wind in your hair and dipping in the waters south of the Toronto Islands is sure appealing to you.   

5. Canada’s Wonderland

There’s no place like Canada’s Wonderland to get your heart pumping and jaw breaking. If taming rollercoaster beasts is even written in your professional resume, you may never want to leave the wonderland.  

Do you prefer a low-key kind of experience Toronto has on offer? We got you covered. Why don’t you:

  1. Have dinner at a Toronto’s hotel rooftop bar with a stunning view

If you haven’t already, these patios are eye-pleasers with a tasty twist. Make the most of summer’s sunny days by trying new drinks and eats, elevated by the best views in the city.  

2. Enjoy a staycation

You don’t need to go far to rejuvenate. Indulge in a staycation package at one of Toronto’s luxury hotels. 

3. Try unique food from a pop-up truck

Seasonal or weekend food stalls or trucks are worth a try with out-of-the-world shapes and flavors. That’s what makes them special! 

4. Plan the picnic

A summer picnic in Toronto is never to be missed. People love to go to the parks and one of the best activities during the visit is to binge your favorite picnic spread.

5. Go back in time at the historic district

It’s time to play tourist and there’s nothing that Distillery Historic District can’t do to fulfill the desire. Wind your way along the cobblestone laneways while paying a visit or two to the chic design shops, boutiques, and art galleries. 

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