Business Administration vs Business Management

business management versus business administration

Business administration and business management positions are examples of jobs that you can find with similar titles and descriptions. Understanding the differences between these two fields can give you more insight into which career path is best for you to choose. Let’s explore business administration versus business management through this article from Indeed.


Business administration generally involves ensuring that the day-to-day operations of the company function efficiently and effectively. People with business administration degrees often occupy specific job roles in the business field. These specific roles may include jobs in different departments such as marketing, finance, economics, or accounting. They can also gain knowledge in strategic planning, entrepreneurship, research, and effective forecasting to help companies make decisions in a fast-paced business environment.

While business management generally concerns the people with a company’s vision, proper planning, and effective communication. They may occupy leadership positions where they can learn the responsibilities of each team member to know how to supervise them while employing conflict resolution and diplomacy properly. These individuals may also manage, motivate teams, and sort interpersonal issues while learning how to run the business, its operations, and develop growth and marketing strategies. 


In colleges, business administration students attempt to learn all the core business subjects because business administration careers have a broader scope. The goal is for students to have a basic understanding of changing business trends. They often learn about different types of businesses first to determine what specific role they want to pursue. Then, their coursework may focus on more practical business applications such as economics, business law, consumer behavior, project management, operations, finance, and marketing. After that, they can pick an area of specialization they want to pursue after graduation.  

Business management is for students who want to take on specialized business roles. They can study specialties like ethics and management courses, human resources, business communication, management theory, basics of accounting, communication studies, and statistical analysis to make better long-term plans for a company. After these students obtain their degrees, they may pursue careers as chief operations officers, high-level accountants, or chief technology officers. Alongside classes on business theory, they may also learn business-driving skills, including ethical decision making, business management, and leadership skills. Business management students can develop these skills by occupying student leadership roles in academic organizations.

In the workplace

Due to their backgrounds, business administration employees typically work in specific office departments to gain sufficient experience and develop their skill set. After which, they may pursue leadership positions in these specific departments due to their experience. 

Business management professionals usually start their careers in entry-level management positions, learning human management and leadership skills. Once they progress to higher-level business management roles, they can oversee others and make company-wide decisions. They may also develop team-working abilities and collaborate with other employees to make more impactful decisions. 

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