Business Administration: the potato

business administration

If you are asked ‘what is the most widely used vegetable around the world’, your answer would be potato. Now, if you are asked what is the most familiar job around the globe, the answer would probably be administration.

Potatoes can be cooked in thousands of ways: baked, mashed, fried and what not. Try potato with chicken, fish or with other vegetables. In every possible means, yet potato will stand out.

When it comes to business, administration is a similar thing. Be it own business or a small organization run by only two or three people, or a giant organization with hundreds of employees, all business need someone in the administration. Since education is a proven way  to get employed, a person with a diploma in Business Administration has almost 0% chance of remaining unemployed.

There are 5 core parts of any organization, such as Technical Support, Administrative Support, Middle Management, Top Management and Operating Core. Apart from the technical support in some cases, a person with business administration knowledge and skills can perform in all the roles.

The career opportunities with a diploma in Business Administration are endless. The main reason for this is the nature of this program; it is a combination of both hard and soft skills. An ideal Business Administration diploma will teach about marketing and sales, communication, customer service both internal and external, business law, accounting, economics, management, organizational behavior, etc.

In today’s world, advanced skills in MS Office suits is an asset to get any job. On top of that, knowledge of financial accounting, Quickbooks, hr and payroll managements, SAP, big data, marketing makes a Business Administration graduate ready to join the workforce just after completing the diploma. They can work n wide range of services and industries starting from a bank, auditing/accounting firms, insurance companies, educational institutions, government offices, non-government sector, development organization, placement agency, advertising, public relations, real estate, marketing, consultancy, Human resources, etc. And if they can make it to Program Manager level in course of time, their average salary would be 100k. Well, if that sounds too ambitious an Office Manager makes an average of 57k.

The most assuring aspect of Business Administration jobs is there is a steady demand for such jobs in Canada. During tough economic times many specialized jobs get affected, downsized but Administrative positions remain stable.

Moreover if they do not join the workforce, they may consider pathways to university degrees and can specialize in any business major.

Having said all that, a person cannot become an efficient office administrator in a day. It is a learning process. Sometimes it is the most ignored, thankless job. It takes a lot of effort everyday to keep things in order.

So the bottom line is Business Administration trained people, same as potato are dependable, reliable and trustworthy! They can perform all roles, provided that they enhance their skills and knowledge over the period of time.

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