the top 7 trends in technology and business in 2022

Top 7 trends of technology and business in 2022

Such a valuable forecast by Pegasus Tech Ventures General Partner and CEO, Anis Uzzaman, through this article on the top trends in technology and business in 2022. Here are the highlights we have compiled for you before ringing in the new year. AI, Big Data, and Cloud Computing will continue to grow Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become […]

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sap in the workplace

SAP course and its application in the workplace

Systems, Applications & Products (SAP) is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software implemented in businesses to streamline company operations. Organizations today also use it to create a centralized system that allows every department to share data. There are many fully-integrated modules incorporated in the software which cover all aspects of the business and these modules […]

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employment gap may not be an issue

Employment gaps may not be an issue now

We discussed employment gaps in our post here and now we’re going to elaborate more from the human resources perspective.   Nine out of 10 recruiters would have rejected Twitter’s new CEO Parag Agrawal’s profile because of the gaps in his career and frequent job switches. If Twitter HR had done the same 10 years ago, they would […]

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top 5 big reasons to study big data

Top 5 big reasons to study Big Data

The concept of big data is no longer a novelty as it has been around for years since organizations saw the benefits for speed and efficiency, among others.   The new benefits that big data analytics bring to the table, however, are speed and efficiency. Big data analytics has become more popular nowadays for the ability […]

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the use of SAP SD in organization

The use of SAP Sales and Distribution (SD)

Since SAP has come a long way in adopting various modules for different processes in an organization, it has been adopted by a host of companies from across the globe to enhance the process works in various departments. From human resource management to sales and distribution and from financial accounting to materials management, SAP has […]

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career big things in 2022

Career’s next big things in 2022

No, we’re not there yet, but we have made progress from 2021 where we survived the big 2020. And in 2022, we’ll continue to refine and redefine this brand new world. What can we expect for the coming year? We compiled the list from LinkedIn and highlighted more on the career perspective.  The 4-day work week will […]

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5 job market trends in 2022

5 job market trends in 2022

World Economic Forum released the Future of Jobs Report and suggested that the top 10 emerging jobs for 2022 will include:  Data Analysts and Scientists  AI and Machine Learning Specialists  General and Operations Managers  Software and Applications Developers and Analysts  Sales and Marketing Professionals  Big Data Specialists  Digital Transformation Specialists  New Technology Specialists  Organizational Development Specialists […]

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top three career questions everyone thinks about

3 career questions everyone think about

We have been told to do this and that to get the job that we dream of. Going back to school, expanding the network, polishing the resume, and the list continues. We do all that and the hard work and persistence finally pays off when we land our dream career. The only issue now is that you might […]

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career paths in supply chain and logistics

Career paths in supply chain and logistics

Given the phenomenal opportunities that supply chain and logistics offer for personal and professional growth, it is a career path that we highly recommend to anyone. According to this post, supply chain and logistics encompass the integrated planning and execution of processes required to optimize the flow of materials, information, and financial capital in the areas […]

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