7 popular career paths for a Business Administration graduate

7 popular career paths for a Business Administration graduate

Working in business administration offers a wide variety of employment opportunities. Getting a better understanding of the role of business administrators can help you determine if this is a career path you wish to pursue. 

What is Business Administration?

Business administration is administering tasks related to running an organization that includes managing employees, making decisions related to the company’s growth, overseeing daily operations, and efficiently organizing all aspects of the company for effective process. It is a broad field that includes a variety of different positions. From a small startup to a major corporation, every type of Business relies on administrative professionals to ensure success.

The field of business administration includes many business areas, including human resources management, marketing, finance, accounting, project management, marketing research, business management, business environment, ethics and global business practices. Learning more about all areas of running and managing a small business or a large enterprise full time can help prepare you for success in an administration role. A business administrator’s industry is very versatile, such as hospitality, healthcare, technology, retail management, sales or other related industries.  

Top 7 career paths in Business Administration

Various roles are available for those who hold a Diploma in Business Administration. We list the most popular ones and the salary range based on Job Bank Canada data within Ontario.  

  1. Bookkeeper – the average salary for a bookkeeper is $25 per hour.
  2. Office Administrator – if you’re interested in this role, the average salary for an office administrator is $25.64 per hour.
  3. Executive Office Assistant – the average salary for an executive office assistant is $30.59 per hour.
  4. Office Manager – you could get $41.03 per hour working as an office manager on average.
  5. Human Resources Clerk – the average salary if you work as a human resources clerk is $24.50 per hour.
  6. Business Application Specialist – this role has an average salary of $27.69 per hour.
  7. Junior Economist – the average salary for a junior economist is $45.13 per hour.

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