Yes, you can stand out in an interview!

tips to stand out in an interview

The interview is your chance to shine. Your interviewer has already looked over your resume so presumably, they know the basics. When they ask you to talk about your work history, that’s when you can elaborate and give more details about your accomplishments while highlighting the parts of your current job that you excel at and any major achievements you’ve had, instead of plain responsibilities.

Increase your chances of getting a job offer from your prospective company by standing out during an interview and leave an unforgettable impression. Here’s how.

1. Research the company. 

Researching your prospective company helps you answer questions about the company you’re interviewing with. Review the organization’s mission statement, history, online presence to find out the target audience. Pull as much information from the company’s website or published articles in trade publications.

2.  Be especially kind and respectful to everyone you interact with during the interview process.

Whether this is the administrative assistant helping you schedule the interview or the receptionist who greets you at the office or online, treat everyone you come into contact with as if they’re going to be the ones interviewing you. Every impression in an interview process matters.

3.  Wear a killer outfit.

You need to heed industry dress code standards, but that doesn’t mean you can’t let your personality shine through. Use your outfit as a visual cue to show that you’re distinctive. Consider a bold color or a special accessory that has a fun story behind it as an icebreaker that will give your conversation fodder.

4. Show how you’ll add value.

The interview is not the time to be humble at all, take pride in what you’ve accomplished and what you can do for your future employer. It’s time to brag a little! Remember that they asked you to come in for an interview, so they already like you at least 75%. If you ever feel nervous, keep that thought in your mind.

5.  Connect on a commonality.

Connecting to something or someone in common is a great way for your interviewer to remember who you are. Research if you know anyone who used to work there or how the company connects to a certain interest of yours. Personally, if you find a shared interest in a type of film genre, or maybe a love for a preferred app, take the time to make this connection clear. Just be aware of when it’s time to move on.

6.  Ask unexpected questions.

A huge component of a successful interview lies in the question you chose to ask your interview. Think of some questions that extend beyond the superficial aspects of the job or company. Ask questions that show you’ve done extensive research on the company, specific projects, or goals. Not only does asking questions help you get to know more about the company, it shows that you’re interested in the opportunity. Some of the best questions to ask are follow-ups to something you’ve been asked in the interview which shows that you’re eager to learn more and have a genuine interest in the company.

Asking questions helps you get a better feel for the company culture and expectations. Our favorite question is what the interviewer likes most about working for the company. If there are aspects of a working environment that are important to you, this is your time to ask about them.  

7.  Incorporate the company’s values in your answers.

Show you understand the company values that you have researched previously by speaking directly to how you’d approach particular problems or situations through the perspectives of those particular values. Does the company value transparency, for example? If so, then you’ll need to tell them how you’d prioritize a transparent approach.    

Now that you know what to do, you can head into your next interview with confidence and ace it!

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