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If we look at the history, there was a time only rich and privileged people had access to education. Now in twenty first century we believe that everyone has the right to education. Education is the ‘multiplier’ of other human rights. The objective of education is the development of a person to participate in society with dignity. Here comes the beauty of Canadian education system, both university and college are diversified and offers something for everyone! There are bewildering choice of courses and institutions from small to big, rural to urban, expensive to economical, research focused to skill focused, public to private, prestigious to less well known!

While selecting a college we often tend to forget that every person is unique, everyone has a different learning style. As we don’t wear same size shoes, whether your pursuing a vocational program or otherwise, similarly all students do not absorb process, comprehend in a same way. Moreover, all students are not fresh high school graduates. There are people unemployed or underemployed due to automation and other technological change. They need to fulfill the skills and knowledge gap as key performance to return to the workforce.

A superintendent of private career can help to develop job-specific practical skills that can be applied quickly. There are various reasons why you should consider studying one of the programs at a private career college.

Well the motivational speakers love to say ‘chase your dream’, and most of the people surely dream to study at renowned institutions. Unfortunately, many of them would not even qualify as a higher education, or there are not enough so-called great colleges for everybody. Moreover, market demand for skills is changing every day, big colleges do not necessarily have programs on all demanding subjects on the advanced education training.

What we want to do with our life is important, but it’s also important to bear in mind that our own preferences keep changing over the time. People get laid off in the middle of the career, they need immediate skill enhancement, and they cannot wait for the big colleges’ intake especially without any assistance program. But that is the end of their life. Private career colleges believe that it’s never too late when it comes to learning!

Private career colleges offer enrolment throughout the calendar and also offer flexible schedules. They offer courses and diplomas in highly demanding fields such as Business Administration, Business, Technology, Supply Chain and Logistics Management, Medical and Health Office Administration, Accounting, Cloud Systems Engineering, Big data, Predictive Analytics, ERP, Systems Administrator, Network Administration, SAP, Data Science, International Business Management, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, etc. These diploma programs at private career colleges are key perfomance to open up better job opportunities and higher income potential, be it in the information technology, business, business techonology, or healthcare role.

Generally career colleges cost less since they forego nonessential classes and concentrate on practical training and career training programs. There is intensive training without any breaks, so a program is finished within 9-11 months of career training and vocational training which would take two years at a public institution.

The classes are small, students get personalized care. Trainers are not just academicians; rather they have extensive professional experience in the fields they teach. They are experienced consultants and often guide to the professional certification and licensing after completion of the training programs. Through the programs approved, educational institutions like private career colleges not only develop specific skill sets, but also assist with resume building, job searching, interview preparation and placement. Employers value the career college graduates as they know that these people can adapt to skill up gradation both in customer service or human resources.

When considering to pursue post-secondary education, question is, colleges or universities? Both offers a wide range of programs but if you need to learn or enhance a skill, registered private career colleges are there for you, approved by the superintendent of private career colleges. So look for training colleges and universities. Before enrollment make sure that the college and/or program are registered under and approved by the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005 (see the official website of Ministry of Colleges and Universities https://www.ontario.ca/page/search-private-career-college-ontario to find out). Once you find the college in the designated learning institution list in Ontario, Canada, you need to look for other important factors such as location before finding out the admission requirements. Finding a college in a convenient location is very important particularly during infamous long-harsh Canadian winter.  Check the facilities, resources, infrastructure of the college. You may look at Course catalog, Website, Program outline, whether or not a certificate program offers National Association of Career Colleges accreditation and it’s always better to visit the college beforehand. If possible you may speak with current students and recent graduates, or any trusted individual who are not biased.

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