What is Second Career funding?

what is Second Career funding?

Second Career is a program run by the Ontario government with the initiative to provide financial support to get workers who have been laid off or become expendable to find high demanding careers in Ontario.

This initiative is a grant given based on each individual’s need and eligibility. Keep in mind, depending on one’s finical status they may be required to contribute to their education and training. The money given to you by the government of Ontario is not required for you to pay it back as it is a grant.

Through this program an individual may be qualified up to CAD 28,000 for:

  • Tuition
  • Books
  • Manual, workbooks or other instructional costs
  • Transformation
  • Basic living allowance (maximum CAD 410 a week)
  • Child Care

*additional support can be given to people with disabilities to accommodate their situation if conditions arise where they may need dependent care, costs for living away from home for their academic upgrading.

Do you qualify for Second Career Ontario?

  • Have you been laid off and have not been working? How Long?
  • How you been laid off and working a temporary job just to cover living expense?
  • Have you been working a series of intern jobs?
  • Been on maternity leave and were not able to return to your job for any reasonable season?

If you said yes to either question you can defiantly move forward to applying.

You’re Information for Ontario Second Career Program

  • How long you have been unemployed
  • How long you have been working the temporary job and looking for work
  • Places and Positions where you have applied already? Example of your resume and current cover letters and any responses for potential employers
  • The level of education you have completed
  • Where you were working previously and for how long
  • Your current skill sets
  • Information regarding the skills you want to obtain and jobs you want to be trained for

How to apply for Second Career in Ontario?

  • Select a program you wish to study as previously mention. Note the program should be two years in duration and be a full time study option as a student.
  • Refer to NOC to pick a career that is listen under code B or C :https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/immigrate-canada/express-entry/eligibility/find-national-occupation-code.html
  • Work with an employment service agency where their professionals can help you choose program best fit for you and complete you application accurately.
  • Canadian College for Higher Studies also assists you in starting you applications. Browse our available Second Career Ontario online courses here.
  • Provide Financial information : Your income; Your House Hold Income (e.g. spouse); Current expenses
  • Provide School Information: list three training institution whom offers you the training needs. There should be one from one college for the applied art and technology and one private career college. Last choice can be from either.
  • Job Market Information: job posting/opportunities that show the skills you want to do or are needed by employers.

More information and Second Career Ontario guidelines can be found on: https://www.ontario.ca/page/second-career for complete Second Career guidelines

Additional Information

  • You are allowed to work a maximum of 20 hours per week

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