What can skills in international business management get you?

international business management

Business career paths offer an excellent salary. Several professional fields in international business management include human resources, market analysis, financial analysis, and business operations. Many roles are targeted by someone in mid-career in a business field as it may open new opportunities.

Let’s look more closely at why international business management will remain highly desirable in today’s job market.

  1. A competitive edge

As organizations increasingly do business with foreign partners, firms are looking for people who know how to navigate these types of business and relational transactions. More than traditional business know-how like marketing, accounting, and finance, international business relationships require cultural and social understanding as well. Therefore possessing the cultural competency to effectively communicate with diverse individuals and communities is critical to business success

International business students are taught how to effectively communicate with current and potential foreign clients as well as business partners. These critical communication skills in detail as part of their modules are heavily focused on. 

2. Extensive career options

International business programs prepare graduates for a wide range of jobs in different industries. Due to the global nature of today’s economy, an individual with the kind of training that can help them understand the nuance and subtleties of operating in an international space, whether it be with private business or otherwise, is going to be desired by all kinds of potential employers.

Transferable skills such as problem-solving, emotional intelligence, communication, and leadership have always been important, but in the current job market, they are even more critical than ever. These characteristics have long been staples of the curriculum that one may find in an international business program.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), business management and consulting occupations are expected to grow 7% through 2029, which is more than double the rate for all other occupations tracked by the BLS.    

3. International network

While opportunities can arise from smart work and persistence, many are gained through personal networks formed by the development of interpersonal relationships. Often referred to as social capital, those with a global network are often offered jobs and various opportunities through their list of professional contacts that develop over the course of their career since we know that most job openings never make it to a job board. The vast majority of hires come from a personal recommendation or referral. Those with strong networks that include both a domestic and international base are bound to have opportunities come their way – even without actively seeking them.  

4. A global perspective

Even the graduates do not end up working for a large international organization, they still should benefit greatly from the expanded worldview and global perspective that an international business program provides. Cultural and geographical blind spots are a real issue. Someone with a global perspective can bring their strategic problem-solving skills to any organization they are in and offer creative and innovative solutions. The experience of traveling the globe and interacting with people from all over the world is something that cannot be taught in a business textbook or a classroom

5. Personal contentment 

A fulfilling career and the ability to network internationally can be two of the most important factors when it comes to personal fulfillment. International business graduates may even have the opportunity to travel to exotic and exciting locations as part of their jobs. A fulfilling career can be one of the main drivers of happiness. Career experts state that meaningful work and fair compensation are the two biggest contributors to career satisfaction. The average international business salary in Canada is $102,000 per year or $52.31 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $78,378 per year, while most experienced workers make up to $143,400 per year, according to ca.talent.com.   

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