Top 5 popular jobs in Supply Chain and Logistics Management

Top 5 popular jobs in Supply Chain and Logistics Management

Earning a Diploma in Supply Chain and Logistics Management helps open up your opportunities based in fields related to supply chain management. There are many opportunities in the business world for supply chain management graduates. The following are some of the popular jobs:

  1. Logistics associate 

At the entry-level, logistics associates manage and support all activities entailed in logistics. The activities include planning, sourcing, procurement, transport, clearance, and warehousing. Logistics associates also liaise with freight forwarders to ensure that customs clearance of consignments is on time, the items are shipped in good condition, and the items reach their destination.

The annual average salary in Canada for a logistics associate is $46,902

2. Supply chain manager

Supply chain managers liaise with different shipping lines to negotiate contracts and rates while also dealing with customs, freight forwarders, warehouse managers, and related third parties. These managers ensure employees and third-party service providers meet import and export compliance guidelines. Supply chain managers also design and maintain supply chain plans while coordinating and overseeing company operations, such as manufacturing, to meet customer demands and predict orders.

A supply chain manager’s annual salary in Canada is $63,374

3. Warehouse manager

Warehouse managers manage warehouse employees, processes, and systems to ensure the company dispatches products and services, orders, and receives them appropriately and that the organization meets production targets. They also provide the organization meets warehouse health and safety standards. Warehouse managers also manage the security of the warehouses and the goods stored in these warehouses.

 The annual average salary for a warehouse manager is $57,768.

4. Logistics manager

Employers can task logistics managers with the strategic planning and management of logistics, transportation, customer services, and warehousing. They are primarily responsible for optimizing and coordinating complete order cycles. This career also involves communicating with suppliers, manufacturers, retailers, and consumers to ensure accurate delivery times, minimize transport costs, improve efficiency, manage stock levels, and keep track of quantity. Logistics managers also supervise and manage the warehouse workforce. This job also ensures that laws and regulations and the company follows relevant ISO requirements.

The national annual average salary for a logistics manager is $65,138.

5. Purchasing manager

The responsibilities of purchasing managers include planning and directing buyer activities, purchasing officers, and other stakeholders in purchasing materials, products and services. They act on behalf of their employers to negotiate contracts and create policies with different suppliers. Purchasing managers also perform other administrative tasks, such as interviewing and hiring staff, training existing employees, and maintaining cohesion in their respective departments.

The annual average salary in Canada for a purchasing manager is $82,910.

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