Top 10 career prospects for a Digital Marketing graduate

Top 10 career prospects for a Digital Marketing graduate


A digital marketing career is exciting since the field constantly evolves as different platforms are introduced. There has never been a better time to start building a career as the job scope, salary, and, more importantly, the demand for digital marketing is also increasing. 

According to Indeed, we list the top ten career prospects in digital marketing for a fresh graduate to take on, along with the average national salary in Canada. 

  1. Content writer

Annual salary: $41,769

A content writer is responsible for creating and managing content for a company website or another platform, such as a book or magazine. They write sales copy, product descriptions, and other sales-related information to be published on company websites and social media channels. They may specialize in creating content that matches search engine keywords.

2. Social media coordinator

Annual salary: $46,729 

A social media coordinator helps develop content for a company’s online presence. They create content for social media, identify social media trends, create a social media strategy, and analyze the results of digital and social media campaigns. They may also collaborate with digital designers and social media data analysts to determine the best marketing strategies for their organization.

3. Digital marketer

Annual salary: $52,627  

A digital marketer is responsible for researching and analyzing data gathered through digital channels, such as social media and search engine optimization (SEO). They develop content for and manage social media campaigns, lead a team of digital data analysts and produce online marketing campaigns.

4. Social media manager

Annual salary: $53,443 

A social media manager is responsible for creating a comprehensive social media strategy for a company’s online presence. They work with senior management to define their company’s social presence, develop new ideas for content creation, oversee all aspects of a company’s social media accounts and generate reports of their efforts in marketing their business.

5. Content marketer

Annual salary: $58,133

A content marketer is responsible for creating and managing content marketing campaigns. They are responsible for developing strategies and coordinating digital messages with digital marketers, social media specialists, and others in the marketing team.

6. Communications specialist

Annual Salary: $59,204

A communications specialist helps establish the company’s overall marketing strategy by coordinating all areas of communications, including social media communications. They work to identify the most reliable marketing strategies, manage external and internal communications and monitor the effectiveness of their organization’s efforts.

7. SEO specialist 

Annual salary: $61,110

An SEO specialist is responsible for researching and analyzing search engine optimization and creating quality content for the company website. They work with clients to determine keywords, build links to the website, optimize website content, and monitor results.

8. Digital designer

Annual salary: $64,468

A digital designer is responsible for planning, designing, and creating digital content for an organization’s website. They are responsible for creating digital marketing campaigns, developing and maintaining a website content management system (CMS) to maintain the site’s presentation, and updating informational content to be published on the website.

9. Customer insights analyst

Annual salary: $67,965

A customer insights analyst is responsible for collecting and analyzing data gathered through research. They develop marketing strategies by researching customer demographics, competitors, and other elements of their company’s market. They may also use these insights to predict future demand for specific products or services and create target customer profiles.

10. Market researcher

Annual salary: $76,338 

Market researcher is responsible for collecting data and information to use in their research. They work closely with product development teams to analyze market trends, identify customer needs, and test new products or services. They may also conduct surveys, focus groups, or interviews to gather data and develop actionable reports for those in the marketing team.

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