The use of AI in Cybersecurity 

The use of AI in Cybersecurity

As cyberattacks grow in volume and complexity, Artificial Intelligence (AI) based tools for cybersecurity have emerged to help information security teams reduce breach risk and improve their security posture efficiently and effectively. AI and machine learning (ML) have become critical technologies in information security. They can quickly analyze millions of events and identify different types of threats – from malware exploiting zero-day vulnerabilities to identifying risky behaviour that might lead to a phishing attack or download of malicious code.

AI technologies like machine learning and natural language processing provide rapid insights to cut through the noise of daily alerts, drastically reducing response times.

Moreover, experts say artificial intelligence and machine learning are already proving their worth in spotting zero-day malware, identifying and prioritizing threats, and, in some cases, taking automated actions to remediate security issues at scale quickly.

More advantages of AI in Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity professionals can use AI to reinforce cybersecurity best practices and minimize the attack surface instead of continually being on the lookout for malicious activity.

  1. Detecting new threats

AI is used to spot cyber threats and malicious activities. Traditional software systems will not be able to keep up with the sheer number of new malware created every week, so this is an area AI can help with.

2. Battling bots

Bots make up a vast proportion of internet traffic and can be dangerous. From account takeovers with stolen credentials to data fraud, bots can be a real menace.

3. Predicting breach risks

AI systems help determine IT asset inventory accurately with a detailed record of all devices, users, and applications with different levels of access to various scenarios.

4. Endpoint protection. 

The number of devices used for working remotely (or otherwise) is fast increasing. Therefore AI has a crucial role to play in securing all those endpoints.

There is significant room for growth for AI in cybersecurity. The predictions of AI systems based on their identified patterns will help analysts respond to emerging threats. AI is an intriguing tool that could help stem the tide of cyberattacks and has become a required tool for the next generation of cybersecurity professionals.

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