Small and medium-sized businesses demand tech talents

With small- and medium-sized businesses already ramping up hiring in anticipation of an economic boom this fall, tech talent is back on the lookout. Qualified job seekers are finding lots of options out there while employers scramble for the best by offering the kind of flexibility and perks people want, reports The Globe and Mail.

According to the media outlet, Vidyard, a leading video platform for business, is one of those small businesses chasing top tech talent. This past pandemic year, the company shifted to become a digital-first organization, rapidly increasing to nearly 300 employees across six countries and planning to open a new collaboration center later this year in Kitchener, Ont., to support a hybrid work environment. Lisa Brown, vice-president of talent, says as the company grows, the competition for new talent is becoming fiercer.

The pandemic has given job seekers an opportunity to pause and reflect on what’s important to them. It’s all about their quality of life.

One of the key things that candidates care most about is that the company gives back to the community, focuses on wellness, including mental health, offers learning opportunities, and gives employees as much flexibility as possible in how, where, and when they work.

If recruiters can’t meet their desire to do and another company can, they will lose their competitive advantage in hiring them. Therefore, they do due diligence even more thoroughly on each one and evaluate what the implications would be for the company, the employee, and taxation.

While employers are welcoming the opportunity to change the workplace in terms of remote and hybrid arrangements – a current KPMG Canada survey found that 77 percent of Canadians want to be able to work both in the office and remotely.

Instead of trying to compete with the big guys right now, many small businesses make a conscious decision to hire more new grads and promote from within as much as possible.

With a lot of people moving from their city locations to go more rural it gives more opportunity for recruiters to hire. The new norm of younger candidates calling the hiring team on the weekend to discuss opportunities and talk about the role instead of waiting and calling on Monday – also applies now. 

Whether you’re in an established position at the company or currently looking for a job, upgrading your skills in IT will sound just about the right thing to do in order to stay current with today’s job market demand. 

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