SAP Lumira, the BI tool for today’s organizations

SAP Lumira is the BI tool for today’s organizations

Business Intelligence (BI) tools used in data analysis to grow an organization help the managers in gaining business insights and making better decisions. Equipped with advanced capabilities to provide current and future insights into business operations, BI tools such as SAP Lumira help merge all company data from various sources in almost every sector. It is a powerful analytic and data visualization application that puts business data to work at the industry’s speed while delivering real-time analysis to improve efficiency, assess risk, and identify new business opportunities.

What is SAP Lumira?

Formerly called SAP Visual Intelligence, SAP Lumira enables business users to access, transform, and visualize any size of data in a repeatable and self-service manner. The tool focuses on a simple, user-friendly interface in creating highly captivating visualizations which allow users to swiftly analyze data without the need for scripting. SAP Lumira grew out of SAP Business Explorer but a more basic, self-service data visualization tool that works great for project management. According to SAP, the two are meant to go complementarily. For example, analysts using SAP Lumira can alter data structures and correlations without the help of their IT department, then push the data back into the system so it can then be consumed by more casual users in tools like Business Explorer.

SAP Lumira’s capabilities 

According to sapinsider.org, SAP Lumira’s drag-and-drop interface is easy to become familiar with, and with a few clicks data from multiple sources can be gathered, combined, and visualized. After the tool is installed and system access is set up for software testing, some basics by someone who knows the tool or sap analytics can be helpful.

Its capabilities include:

  • Maximizing business knowledge by integrating wide-scale insights and drill-down to granular details
  • Accelerating decision-making with immediate fact-based solutions to intricate business questions by avoiding list tables and fixed format reports. Interaction is key.
  • Increasing self-service data usage without increasing the workload of the IT department
  • Visualizing any amount of data in real-time using SAP S/4HANA and simple deployment to mobile devices.  

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