Pursuing a career as a Personal Support Worker

pursuing a career as a personal support worker

Earning a career in healthcare support could be what you are pursuing now. Various roles in the field include personal support worker (PSW), medical office administration, pharmacy assistant, occupational therapy assistant, and much more. Let’s understand better the role of a personal support worker through this post.

What is a personal support worker?

A personal support worker helps anyone who requires assistance with their daily activities due to illness or aging. Support workers assist with various tasks, including personal hygiene and errands such as cooking and cleaning. The amount of help an individual requires depends on their current state of mobility and the extent of their treatment plan. The PSW skills consist of being caring and supportive, someone who can make their clients feel strong, independent, and involved in their community.  

If you wonder, “What does a support worker do?”. The daily duties of a PSW vary depending on the needs of the individual they’re supporting, which can include helping them take care of themselves, and teaching them new skills, while at the same time providing emotional support.    

A PSW worker may also work with other healthcare professionals to ensure they meet all care requirements. PSWs may assist with food preparation, medication administration, accessing community facilities, money management, social time, groceries shopping, and a doctor visit. They also need to work closely with friends and family members who are critical to the person’s wellbeing, helping to provide them with confidence and reassurance.  

How to be a personal support worker in Ontario?

Thhe educational requirement for a PSW is completing a one-year post-secondary diploma in Ontario PSW program or a personal support worker certificate. You may be able to attend PSW course online; however, there are practicum and training in home management, first aid, and home support that require on-campus or a healthcare facility session. Some programs and in-house placements require successful completion of a police check to help ensure the safety of potential clients and vaccination completion. The NACC-certified personal support worker certificate and personal support worker program focus on teaching students about various home and health services that provide support for individuals with disabilities, chronic illnesses, and cognitive impairments. Find out if you are eligible for a free PSW course in Ontario. However, if you aren’t, you may be qualified for Better Jobs Ontario funding to assist you with the certificate program enrollment. Fill out the assessment on this page to get you started with your funding application for the Certificate in Personal Support Worker program at Canadian College for Higher Studies.

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