Better Jobs Ontario – Manufacturing Sector Initiative

Better Jobs Ontario – Manufacturing Sector Initiative

Did you know that your Better Jobs Ontario (previously Second Career) application could be fast-tracked if you were laid off from the manufacturing sector? Take advantage of this program to learn new skills in Technology, Business, Healthcare or Community Services at Canadian College for Higher Studies to get you prepared for the next employment.

According to the Ministry website, the Manufacturing Sector Initiative is a separate stream within Better Jobs Ontario (BJO) designed to be responsive to labour market fluctuations by supporting recently laid-off individuals in the manufacturing sector to obtain skills training. This training will increase the participant’s competitiveness and facilitate quick re-entry into the labour market.

The initiative presents an opportunity to enhance access to BJO to:

• provide targeted support to impacted individuals in the manufacturing sector; 

• test a sector-focused approach; and, 

• gain knowledge that will inform future program design.

How does the initiative differ from regular BJO? 

This initiative creates a separate eligibility and suitability stream within BJO to assist individuals impacted by manufacturing sector layoffs. Who can be qualified for Better Jobs Ontario? The initiative’s eligibility and suitability criteria differ from regular BJO in the following ways: 

• Targeted Individuals: Eligibility is limited to individuals laid off from a job in the manufacturing sector as of January 1, 2019. This can be any job. 

• Revision of Eligibility Date: Under the initiative, individuals must have been laid off on or after January 1, 2019.

• Revision of Suitability Indicators: To enable targeted individuals to access training sooner, service providers will automatically award maximum points in the Active Job Search, Duration of Unemployment and Work History suitability criteria. Assessment of the remaining criteria, Educational Attainment, Labour Market Prospects, Type of Training and Occupational Skills Experience, does not change. 

• Removing the ineligibility stipulation regarding completing training within the last two years for individuals laid off in the manufacturing sector: Individuals who have completed training within the past two years, regardless of Page 4 of 6, the source of funding, will be considered eligible under the initiative. These individuals are ineligible under BJO. 

• Individuals with a layoff recall date or those seasonally employed: Under the initiative, individuals receiving a “recall to work” notice from their former employer or who are seasonally employed are not eligible. These individuals are qualified under BJO.

For the initiative, how is Manufacturing Sector defined? 

The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Canada defines NAICS 31- 33 – Manufacturing as a sector that comprises establishments primarily engaged in the chemical, mechanical or physical transformation of materials or substances into new products. These products may be finished, in the sense that they are ready to be used or consumed, or semi-finished, in the sense of becoming a raw material for an establishment to use in further manufacturing. This site also lists all subsector industries. 

If the client is laid off from a sector that is not manufacturing, can they still apply for the initiative? 

No, eligibility is limited to individuals laid off from a job in the manufacturing sector.

Do applicants use the existing BJO application form? 

Yes, applicants complete the existing BJO Application for Financial Assistance form. 

Connect with one of our student advisors today to discuss your study plans and more details of this funding opportunity and how to apply to Better Jobs Ontario program, if you have been laid off from a manufacturing job. Please email us at [email protected] or visit our web page at https://thecanadiancollege.ca/cchsfinancialaidprocess/ to learn more.

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