An essential skill to possess today

An essential skill to possess today

Speaking out about your ideas appears to be one of the success keys.  

Co-founder and CEO of Strava Michael Horvath say that as his team has grown over the decade-plus since he founded Strava, the San Francisco-based app for athletes, he’s shifted his leadership style dramatically, reported Inc. 

That means absolutely no micromanaging. No sitting down with an employee and spouting your ideas. Instead, when he meets with team members, he lets them drive the discussion by asking for their ideas and perspectives.  

 From the management side of things, if you hire talented individuals who want to make a difference and believe in your company’s mission–the why behind your company–don’t hold them back by limiting what they can do to contribute. Give them more opportunities. Ask the question, “What’s on your mind? How do you see it? What would you do next?” It’s an opportunity for them to go beyond what you thought would be the best next move. My philosophy is that the human condition is that everybody is born with incredible potential. And unfortunately, the world rarely lets you realize your full potential, says Horvath.

Horvath adds, “When we do well, regardless of your lived experience, like where you went to school or what your position is in the company, we see great things happen,” he says.

It all starts with getting people talking. And ceding control over discussions has benefits for the individual leader, too. You might get to reflect rather than manage all the small stuff. It may sound as simple as telling people your ideas, but the quality does show others how potential and valuable you are with your thought process. Other skills such as problem solving and communication will follow along the way. 

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