3 career questions everyone think about

top three career questions everyone thinks about

We have been told to do this and that to get the job that we dream of. Going back to school, expanding the network, polishing the resume, and the list continues. We do all that and the hard work and persistence finally pays off when we land our dream career. The only issue now is that you might find the job is harder than you thought it would be, or you keep messing up at work and start think that you’re a mediocre. Let’s find out all the thoughts you’re keeping to yourself and how to overcome them so that you can move forward and excel in your career.

  1. Why am I doing the hardest job in the world?

Nothing is always coming up roses, even the job that you love. It’s absolutely to feel that you might not feel adequate for the job, in fact, it will fuel your curiosity to do better. It’s always a good idea to find which area you think is hard and the impact to your life, eg. have you lost your appetite, had less sleep, or felt rather depressed? If your work keeps you pumped in a good way rather than being a pain, then continue to be excited and challenged. However, if otherwise, you constantly in a bad mood and rant to your friends or even colleagues every day, you know it’s the cue to start moving on.

2. Why do I keep feeling unmotivated?

While many people may feel a lull in motivation after challenging months, feeling constantly motivated at work is most likely a sign that you’re not actually doing the right job for who you are. But before finding another job, have a thorough reflection first as to your demotivation. Which part of the work that drains your energy the most? Is there anything you can do to improve it, such as taking an extra course or ask your mentor to help you with it?

3.  I’ve done everything this job requires me to do to excel, but why am I still stuck?

You think you’ve done everything and followed the rules, but many times you’re faced with failures that you end up feeling being a mediocre at work. Just so you know, failure is critical to being successful. You need to experience it to learn and grow. When mistakes happen, which they inevitably will, you need to manage the negative thinking so instead of branding yourself a failure, view each time you don’t succeed as an amazing learning opportunity. As for the feeling for being stuck, take charge of yourself to get some traction, such as a different approach to self-management and a new view of your future. The key is to take action, no matter how small, as long as you don’t let being a rut at work as your new identity and not something temporary. If you think there’s nothing you can do to move forward in your current career, that’s the sign to move on.    

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