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Soaring demand for Canadian IT talents

A recent report by CompTIA Cyberprovinces™ shows the Canadian tech sector continues to post strong job growth, demonstrated by the nearly 135,000 job postings in 2019. Net-tech employment increased by nearly 60,000...

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Becoming an enterprise IT professional

Enterprise IT management is a role that involves crafting IT management to boost business value. In general, EITM aims to focus on supporting the IT activities that provide value...

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The 7 advantages of computerized accounting

While traditional accounting includes a collection of processes, procedures, and controls designed to collect, record, classify and summarize financial data, computerized accounting utilizes computers and accounting software to record,...

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Midlife career change, is it possible?

To briefly answer the question, YES! You may be tired of working from 9 to 5 in a dead-end job or looking for much more financial stability, or you...

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The hottest roles in data science and artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence makes it workable for us to open our cell phones with our faces, ask our virtual assistant’s questions and get vocalized answers, and have our undesirable emails...

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Top 10 high-demand IT jobs

A career in IT is always in high demand. This latest article in the Globe and Mail reveals the frustration of companies in finding qualified IT workers. With the wider labor...

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