share your experience.

We’d like to hear about you and your journey with CCHS. It’s time to strut your stuff and be part of our exciting, global community! 

tell us a little about yourself

  • What was your activity/job before you decided to pursue new skills with CCHS?
  • What encouraged you to take the diploma program at CCHS?
  • What’s your dream job?
  • What do you expect from CCHS to help with your professional and perhaps personal goals?
  • How is studying at CCHS so far?
  • What’s your biggest obstacle and how do you overcome it?

a friendly reminder:

  • For the monologue, please take the video in a landscape/horizontal position with your mobile or camera. Use a tripod to hold the camera still if you have one, otherwise, you can lean it on a steady stacks of books/wall. Make sure the lightings are proper and your face is not dark/blurry.
  • Try not to look at the camera, you can pick an object next to your camera to look at 
  • Please send us also footage about your daily activities: e.g. when you study, when you’re getting ready for work or if possible, at work, doing childcare, with your friends, etc. 
  • Upload your video to Google Drive and send the link to [email protected] 
  • I’d suggest you do a test run for a few minutes of the monologue and show me how it goes.

Thank you so much for doing this and I hope you have fun!

Hello wonderful students!

My name is Dyah. I’m CCHS’s very own digital marketer who is passionate about community building. Having been in the marketing and communications field in various industries, including education and training- for a couple of decades (Yes, I started working when I was a toddler!), I am one of those fortunate people who get to do what I love and love what I do.

I’m looking forward to being part of this multinational/multicultural community and educational journey in achieving your professional goals. I was once an international student myself and many times a local,  so I sort of got the idea that going to college is more than just studying or doing your homework. So let us hear your stories because who knows, you can inspire each other!

Very Best,


“You can have anything you want if you want it badly enough.“ - abraham lincoln