SAP Security

In order for us to process your refund in an efficient manner, we require ALL of the following documents in one submission:

  1. A signed document explaining clearly as to why you need a refund after getting the Study Permit and what your intentions are in Canada after leaving the College.
  2. Proof of Payment to CCHS (a swift copy from your sending bank).
  3. The LOA issued from CCHS with start date
  4. An enrollment letter from a public college for a diploma program with start and end dates of a similar program.
  5. Valid paid receipt of the tuition fee from a public college with acceptable start date.
  6. If accepted to educational institution in Quebec, Submit a Certification of Acceptance.
  7. Bank details of the original payer.
  8. An official summary of attendance in your current program at CCHS if applicable.
  9. An official summary of academic standing (GPA) in your current program at CCHS if applicable.

Before starting the process, login to your student portal and download the Attendance Request Form and Transcript Request Form and make them ready for submission. Not completing the entire procedure before the deadline for submission will lead to rejection of your application.

Students have to receive our online refund portal link to submit their refund application.

Once successfully completed, they have to make an appointment to meet one of our officers and show the original documents for verification and sign the refund form in the presence of an officer.

If all information are correct then the refund application will be considered accepted on that day and refund calculations will commence.

Communicating with CCHS through different emails and on social media without proper identification and communication will slow down the process. Funds will be transferred to the original payer within the next 30 days.

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